Jeremie Louvaert steers clear of crowds. He most often portraits solitary figures arrived at or on their way to some undefined destination. The protagonists are physically there, but often seem deep in thought. The contextual vagueness and the absence of notions of time and place combined with the anonymity of the subjects create a dreamy, sometimes tenebristic atmosphere which encourages the spectator to self-reflect and invites to phantasy.

After an education in graphic design, Jeremie started his career as CG artist. Later he became lighting supervisor for a production company and animation studio. His craftsmanship shines through his aesthetic and stylized work. He has always been fascinated by art in which lightning plays the leading role, such as the work of Caravaggio or Rembrandt. He also draws inspiration from the desolating, poignant urban scenes typifying the work of the American realist painter Edward hopper.

Jeremie exhibited in several art galleries including gallery 9.9, were he was part of the ‘time can tell’ exhibition. His work can be found in private collections and permanently resides at gallery Atmosfera.

He has been noticed and recommended by the renowned blog of Moment Lens in the article “from the ground up – ten street photographers we love”. Furthermore his project “blocking the light” was selected and featured in the Lens Culture Network gallery.