a few things about me

the analog part

when it comes to my photography, I prefer to keep things intimate. I seek out quiet, stolen glimpses, plucking them from everyday life and preserving them through my camera lens. my subjects are often obscured from direct view, existing in conversation with their environment, and it is this interplay that fascinates me. I find meaning in the in-between moments of transition and imperfection, often rendered with slashes of light and color.

the digital part

a passionate senior CG artist with over 17 years of experience in film and animation. Over time, my area of expertise has gravitated primarily towards look development and lighting, which basically means I’m pretty good at transforming dull looking CG elements into colorful, tangible things that truly pop out once rendered into moving or still frames.

a few things I’m good at

creating photorealistic surfaces for all kinds of CG assets using applications like Maya, Substance, Houdini and a few others.
setting up realistic lighting environments for animation or visual effects projects. keen eye for realism and integration of assets into the CG world.